Business (Type-E) Visa

Updated: May 6

Business (Type-E) Visa:

- Single-entry visa

- 3-month validity

- Only 30-day allowable stay

- Renewable after entry into Cambodia at Cambodia's General Department of Immigration.

Who Can Apply:

- Those who own businesses in Cambodia;

- Those who have accepted an employment offer from Cambodia;

- Those who have received an invitation from a registered company/organization in Cambodia; and

- Those who are being sent to Cambodia for business purposes by a registered company/organization in Singapore.

Application Requirements

1. Fill out the Visa Application Form ( Do it in advance at home if possible)

- A completely filled and signed visa application form - (1 copy)​

- A photo (35x45 mm) recently taken within three months - (1 piece)

2. Actual Passport

- Validity: more than six months balance at the time of entry

- Visa page: at least 2 free pages for the visa sticker

3. Supporting Documents

- An invitation letter (addressed to the Royal Embassy of Cambodia) from a registered company in Cambodia, certificate of incorporation, latest patent tax certificate of the company, and business schedule (if applicable);

- A copy of passport biodata page; and

- A copy of most recent Cambodian visa (if applicable).

4. Health Insurance (encouraged to purchase) - not compulsory

- FORTE Insurance (Cambodia)'s insurance package purchased prior to your departure.

Notice: - All applicants are required to personally come to the Embassy to apply for visas without prior appointment.

- Visas processing time: 2 business days.

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