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Embassy Activities

The Embassy fully complies with the Cambodia’s Foreign Policy Direction:

The Kingdom of Cambodia pursues a foreign policy that protects and promotes its national interests, by undertaking the following five main tasks:


1. Protect national independence, sovereignty, territory integrity, and neutrality; maintain peace, security, stability, order and social unity.

Cambodia will continue to uphold its independent decision making in both domestic and foreign policy aspects – in politics, economy, trade, investment, especially in national security and defense – with respect to the principles of permanent neutrality, non-alignment, peaceful coexistence with neighbors and with all countries in the world, as well as peaceful settlement of disputes and mutual benefits.

Cambodia preserves and exercises its sovereign rights in pursuing a course of action that is most appropriate in safeguarding its territorial integrity and core national interests in accordance with the Constitution.

Cambodia will continue to do its utmost in safeguarding rights and interests of the Cambodian people overseas, to cooperate with host country’s authorities concerned to address Cambodian migrant workers’ challenges and to render migrant workers with necessary services and support when needed.



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